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About the company

A vision brought  by Philippe COUSIN , an entrepreneur and innovator.

After some previous experience in private company management, he created 10 years ago the agile and innovative SME Easy Global Market (EGM) to develop his entrepreneurship skills. EGM was ranked in 2017 the 7th best innovative SME in EU.


After successful involvement in +40 EU R&D projects leading to the set-up of a very large network of worldwide contacts and partnerships, he is today capitalising his large experience gained in R&D projects for developing a vision to support Sustainable Development Goals and EU Green Deal in particular in using miniaturised spectrometry combined with AI. His objectives to bring and improve low cost scanners for a broad range of use. In May 2020 he created the spin-off SENSEEN to implement his vision.


Authors of +50 scientific papers. He has 38 years of rich and diverse professional experience in ICT including many years in R&D, at top management level of private companies and few years with a broad insight into Information Communication Technology (ICT) at the European policy-making level (e.g. European Commission, EOTC)

some projects:


A Spin-off of innovative SME, Easy Global Market 

Easy Global Market (EGM)  SAS is a French SME, established in 2010, providing scientific and engineering services for IoT market from sensors to data analytics using experience from about +25 international research projects as well as standardization involvement in IoT since 2010. This extended knowledge in IoT value chain is completed by other international projects applied to vertical fields, such as in Smart cities, Smart water Monitoring, Aquaculture, Agriculture….

2 years ago, EGM complemented its expertise on gateway and network  (today promoted by the FIWARE Stellio GE) with a full electronic laboratory. This permits to develop full chain product. Key success stories can be demonstrated in the connected door for Hive developed by EGM to prevent bees depopulation where we put in place an advanced platform and mobile applications for the beekeepers. See the success story at


While SENSEEN will focus on customers and Data Science, EGM will be still the Engineering company helping on the Hardware. EGM is today interacting with large French association “agriculture du vivant” for supporting the development of a range of applications for “food scanners “to support, amongst other, agro-ecology.

EGM is also very active in water quality projects and aquaculture which gives the company good background to provide technical support to Water Scanners.

The first Innovation Radar Report reviewing the innovation potential of ICT projects funded under 7th Framework Programme and the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme, to demonstrate the economic impact of EU grant funding identified EGM as being the 7th EU most innovative SME.

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Active discussion on food scanner already started

EGM and SENSEEN already started to work with large association promoting agro-ecology such as "Agriculture du Vivant". Discussions already started on "food scanner" . See the presentation done at large Paris Agriculture fair on February 27th. We are also working very actively on vegetables and measurements already done with 

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