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We know nothing : the value of measuring living

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Today, in a new approach to observing nature, we know very little, because no measurements are routinely carried out on crops. This is due to the high cost of measurements and the time it takes to send them to the laboratory. That's why Senseen is working to offer more effective and affordable innovations (a laboratory in your pocket) to meet the planet's challenges, get living organisms back on track and feed people differently.

Urgent adaptation to put life back into action

In the face of the climate emergency, it is imperative to take concrete steps to preserve our planet. Adopting innovative technologies is one of the most effective ways of changing production methods, protecting the environment and putting life back into action.

Agriculture plays a crucial role in human life, yet conventional farming methods have a major impact on ecosystems.

Senseen, aware of the stakes, is fully committed to the agro-ecological transition by offering an innovative solution : low-cost scanners. These are capable of measuring the balance of living organisms by means of the "Croix Redox", a theory supported by CIRAD researcher Olivier Husson, and the ultimate indicator of plant and soil health. While this used to be a complex measurement, Senseen makes it possible in a matter of seconds.

By integrating this measure into their day-to-day management, farmers can promote a more efficient use of resources, minimize their environmental impact, put living into action and thus restore ecosystems.

Farmers can now assess the health of their crops in real time and make informed decisions to make their plants more resilient, while reducing chemical and pesticide inputs.

A major challenge: improving nutritional quality

In recent years, the nutritional quality of food has fallen drastically, with a consequent impact on human health. For example, the nutrients in one orange in the 1950s are equivalent on average to those in 20 oranges today. Urgent action is needed to first identify and then improve the quality of our food for better health.

At the click of a button, producers will be able to find out the nutritional quality of their produce.

With a precise understanding of the composition of their crops, they will be able to adapt their agronomic practices to improve the nutritional value of their products, and therefore of the food we eat. Healthier food, rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, for unified health !

The solution: scanners for a sustainable future

Senseen offers farmers innovative solutions to impact their agro-ecological transition and/or better understand the quality of their production, all at a lower cost!

The result of using Senseen scanners : ecosystems restored by environmentally-friendly practices, and quality food for a unified health.

Farmers, we give you the tools, it's up to you to impact change for a sustainable future through nourishing and responsible agriculture.

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