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The products

Bring innovation with miniaturised spectrometers and AI to the field

Only recently there are few chips embarking miniaturised spectrometers with some affordable costs . Associated to state of. the art AI-enabled chemometrics we can bring portable or small integrable device to the field at some low cost. The range of applications is very large

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Available scanners

We are not only look at the future , we look at today! .  Today we have already NIR scanners in our hand which only wait for your applications to be developed with us. We have scanner for agriculture including one for liquid ( wine, milk ..).


 Take action!

The   Food scanner is now available

Integrable scanners

We also have today ready-to-use modules that can be integrated in new/your device or be put in-line production

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R&D - scanners under development.

While we have available scanners (eg UV-VIS & NIR) we always work  for the future to add all-in-one state of the art modules to lead to an UV-VIS-NIR scanner and a camera. our partners are also working on Raman and Medium-IR modules

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