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Senseen scanners meet many problems facing fruits and vegetables:

  • How can I make my orchards and food crops more resilient to climate change?

  • How to anticipate problems?

  • How to reduce chemical inputs?

  • How can I make my orchards and plant crops for food use more sustainable?

  • How to know the nutritional quality of fruits and vegetables?

No model yet exists for fruits and vegetables, calibration campaigns are underway. 

The first results seem very promising, we will soon have information to communicate to you on it 

Calibration campaigns are underway on various fruits and vegetables such as: 

  • The tomato

  • The melon

  • Potato

  • The apple

The main ongoing observations are:

  • Study the behavior of Redox Potential, pH, Conductivity and Brix on these different crops to create prediction models on the health of these plants. 

  • Nutritional quality is the next step in campaigns to know  food intake. 

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