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Vignes de raisin rouge


  • Am I affected by the offer?
    Are you a farmer? Winegrowers? Market gardener? Arborist? Seller of bio-solutions? Then our scanner is made for you!
  • A “bad scan” message appears, what should I do?
    If a “bad scan” message appears, please recalibrate your scanner. For this: 1- Take the calibration blank located in your case as well as the scanner turned on and connected to the application 2- Position the calibration blank in front of the scan cell and put it on like a cover 3- Go to the “scan” page of the application and answer “yes” to the question “Do you want to calibrate your device” 4- If the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact us:!
  • What is the Pin code to connect to Bluetooth?
    There IS NO Pin code to connect to Bluetooth. You do not have to log in to the phone settings but directly to the Senseen application. Therefore no code is required.
  • How much does a scanner cost?
    The scanner is priced at €2750. The subscription including access to the prediction models, the application and the Senseen portal is €300 per year. A new, smaller, cheaper scanner is in development
  • What is a “tag”?
    When you perform a scan, you have the option to add “Tags” This is additional information that you add to the scanned product for measurement. For example, if the scanned sheet is stained, add the tag “stained sheet”. This will allow you to remember an anomaly and understand why the values differ, for example. Attention: it is only effective for ONE measurement (one click on the “scan” button)
  • I would like a scanner for a product/parameter that does not yet exist?
    No worries, we can do a calibration campaign to create a model for this product/parameter. To do this, contact us at to receive more information!
  • What is the Senseen offer?
    Senseen provides scanners, real laboratories in your pocket and other tools helping with the agroecological transition. Senseen, aware of the urgent adaptation of production practices and methods, offers farmers the possibility of routinely carrying out diagnostics of the state of health of plants and soils. Its objective is to put living things back into action by adopting an agroecological approach in order to preserve our planet. For this, our startup has developed a real decision-making tool to improve production: a laboratory in your pocket. This low-cost scanner combines infrared technology and artificial intelligence to allow each farmer to routinely take measurements and take corrective actions.
  • Why is the scanner flashing red?
    If a button flashes red, your scanner is out of charge. You can also see it on the “charging” icon at the top right of the app. In this case, please charge the scanner with a Micro-USB cable (not included). During charging the button will be solid red and will turn off when the charger is charged.
  • Why can't I see the scanner in the app?
    1- Check that your Bluetooth + location are activated Both of these settings must be enabled to allow you to connect your scanner 2- Airplane mode If despite everything the problem persists, activate airplane mode for 5 seconds then deactivate it and try again, this may resolve the various problems with LTE connectivity, mobile data, Wifi, Bluetooth or even GPS. 3- Contact us If you still don't succeed, don't hesitate to contact us:!
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